I Want to Build a Pedal Board, Where Do I Start?

These are the pedals I have on my board currently:
- Compressor (Wampler Ego)
- Pitch Shift (EHX Pitch Fork)
- Volume Pedal (Ernie Ball MVP)
- Tremolo (Boss TR2)
- Overdrive (Fulltone OCD)
- Tape Delay (El Capistan)
- Digital Delay (Boss DD20)
- Room Reverb (Hardwire RV7)
- Ambient Reverb (Neunaber Stereo Wet w/ shimmer)

Which pedals should I get first?

You don't have to start with all of these pedals initially. For the Ambient/Worship styles, I would focus on getting an Overdrive and Delay pedal first (after a tuner, of course), then a Volume Pedal, then a Reverb, then add in Tremolo, Pitch Shift and Compressor as "extras" later on.

Order of pedals?

There is no hard-fast rule (anything goes), but in general, you want your compressors, pitch based effects, wahs, volume pedals, etc. at the beginning of the chain, your overdrive/distortions next, modulation type affects (chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo) next, and your delay and reverb at the end. Again, this is not a rule and lot of guitarists switch the order based on preference.

For example, a lot of people like to put their volume pedal after the overdrive so they can set once how much overdrive they want and then let the volume pedal make it louder or quieter. I actually put the volume pedal before the overdrive so that I can control the intensity of the overdrive with the volume pedal.

Got any questions? Leave me a comment!

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