Star Wars Inspired Guitar Pedals You Can Buy Now

With the highly anticipated release of Star Wars: the Force Awakens, I thought it would be fun to do a roundup of Star Wars inspired pedals that are now available for purchase (if there are any that you know of that I have left out, please let me know so I can add it).

CY-VORG by Effectivy Wonder Pedals
This is a Clone of the classic and unique Vorg/Pearl Warpsound, the pedal that Kevin Shields (from My Bloody Valentine) uses in Loveless, and bears a striking resemblance to R2-D2.

To buy or for more information, visit Effectivy Wonder Pedals.

Overdrive No.30 w/ Allen Bradley's (Star Wars Editions)

This is an EM drive inspired overdrive in a Star Wars themed enclosure. This one displays a stormtrooper head with the text "I had friends on that Death Star."

To buy or for more information, visit Midnight 30 Music.

Dr. Blankenstein Illumiringer V1.5 Star Wars Edition Overdrive & Ring Modulator

The Illumiringer V1.5 is a 2-stage hybrid pedal with a gain pre stage (based off an Ibanez TS-808 and option for TS9 circuit) with controls for gain ("Jedi"), Tone, and Level which can be used on its own or drive the Illumiringer side, a light/motion-controlled ring modulatorwhich has controls for  "Sith" and level (the knob on the right fo the box). The Illumiringer side can also be used on its own without having the gain pre on.

To buy or for more information, visit the listing on Reverb.

Pedal Projects Klone Special Hand Paint Darth Vader
A nice-looking Klon clone with the Vader helmet hand-painted in white and black.

To buy or for more information, visit the listing on Reverb.

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