DD500 vs DD20 - Basic Modes

A head-to-head comparison of the modes that the Boss DD-20 and DD-500 delay units have in common. I set the tone, feedback, and echo level to comparable levels for both units.

******** This demo is in stereo so be sure to use headphones **********

Please note that the functionality of the two pedals is very different, as the DD-500 allows for more extensive tweakability of each delay type and offers more patches for saving presets.

The video is a comparison of the tone of the basic delay modes out of the box (without much tweaking).

Standard Delay: 00:25
Tape Delay: 01:02
Modulation on DD20 vs Vintage Delay on DD500: 01:44
Dual Delay Mode: 02:33
Reverse Mode: 03:16
Analog Mode: 04:02

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