October 2, 2015

Ambient Guitar Music Soundscape 9 - Layered Rhythmic Looping with El Cap...

A chill ambient guitar soundscape constructed from simple guitar parts using a looping pedal.

1. The rhythmic part was pre-recorded into Loop 3 of the looper pedal 0:01
2. I recorded the first guitar part into Loop 2 of the looper pedal using the Stereo Wet reverb 0:08
3. I stopped Loop 2 from playing and recorded swells in a reverse chord progression (B,C#m,A,C#m) into Loop 3 of the looper pedal 0:34
4. I reversed Loop 3 so the swells will start playing in the desired chord progression order (C#m,A,C#m,B) and I start Loop 2 back 0:55
5. I play over my loops using the Vick Audio Tree of Life OD, El Capistan, DD20, and Keeley Aurora Reverb 01:32
6. I stop Loop 3 and then Fade Out Loop 1, Leaving only Loop 2 playing 03:40
7. I apply an octave down effect to Loop 2 and then play some swelled notes over that 04:23

Gear Used:

Gretsch Power Jet
Wampler Ego Compressor
EHX PitchFork octave pitch shift pedal
Tree of Live OD by Vick Audio http://www.vickaudio.com
Ernie Ball MVP Volume pedal
Custom Favorite Switch from http://foxpedal.com
Strymon El Capistan http://www.strymon.net
Keeley Aurora Reverb http://www.rkfx.com
Boss DD20
Neunaber Stereo Wet (v1) http://neunaber.net
Vox AC15C1 with PM tubes from www.tubeboutique.com
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe II
SM57 (2)
Scarlett 2i2 interface
Ableton Live Lite

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  1. My partner and i enjoy above my own loops while using the Vick Audio tracks Shrub regarding Living OD, El Capistan, DD20, and also Keeley Aurora.

  2. Great sound! Do you use ear monitors to control the sound from DAW? Nice use of an octave down on Boomerang, should try it one day)

    1. Thanks! Yes, I use the monitors so I can hear my recording levels in the DAW. So you have a Boomerang?