Black Tiger Delay by Greer Amps Demo

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A demo of the Black Tiger Delay Device by Greer Amps.
  • First, I show an unboxing of the pedal 0:05
  • Next, I show an overview of the features 0:35
  • I show my signal without the delay 1:08
  • I play and turn knobs 1:22
  • I show the point of oscillation on the feedback knob 1:48
  • I show/explain the trails switch 3:18
  • I play with overdrive 3:39
Equipment used:

MIM Fender Strat with Modern Porter Pickups and an Emerson Custom 5-way Blender Wiring Kit
Strings from
Wampler Ego Compressor
Ernie Ball MVP Volume pedal
Tree of Life Overdrive by Vick Audio
Keeley Aurora Reverb
Vox AC15C1 with PM tubes
Scarlett 2i2 interface
Ableton Live Lite

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