New Delay Pedal to be Released Late Summer 2015: The Nemesis Delay

This yet to be released digital delay pedal from Source Audio has 4 presets, 12 delay types, MIDI, tap tempo, stereo ins and outs, and can be hooked up to PC or Mac via USB to adjust additional parameters.
They are targeting price around $250 at release.
I contacted Source Audio and they expect the pedal to be released in late Summer 2015. 

From Source Audio:
"The Nemesis packs 12 superb delays including sparkling Digital delay, warm and vibrant Analog delay, amazingly realistic Tape effects, as well as wildly animated reverse, octave, and modulating delay effects. The pedal has 4 user presets, stereo ins and outs, Tap Tempo, 5-pin MIDI in, MIDI thru, and expression control. Onboard controls include Time, Feedback, Mix, Modulation Depth, Modulation Rate, and Effect Intensity. And like all the Source Audio One Series pedals, the Nemesis integrates seamlessly with the MIDI controlled Neuro Effects System. 
The Nemesis also has a USB port to access its free Neuro Effects Editor software for Mac and Windows, offering an entirely new set of adjustable parameters and allows users to edit, save, and share presets with others in the Nemesis/Neuro community. The pedal is also compatible with the Neuro App for iOS and Android that allows users to easily edit, download, and share presets anytime, anywhere."

Who is going to pick up one of these up? Will this be a good lower-priced alternative to a TimeLine?

 Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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