Ambient Music Guitar Soundscape 6 with Interactive Camera Angles

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An ambient guitar soundscape with interactive camera angles. Features reverse slide guitar, mandolin, and drums.

I tuned the guitar to D standard (1 whole step down).
First, I looped a chord progression using root/3rd dyads. 0:00
Next, I looped some slide guitar with the MIM Strat. 1:00
Then, I reversed the slide guitar loop. 1:25
Then, I overdubbed some tremolo swells. 1:57
Next, I came in with the mandolin and drums. 02:28
Towards the end, I faded everything out except for the tremolo swells loop. 
I cut the speed of the swells loop in half (dropping it an octave), then faded it out. 04:12

Equipment used:

MIM Fender Strat, Kentucky Mandolin 
Wampler Ego Comp 
Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork 
Ernie Ball MVP 
Boss Tremolo TR2 
OCD Overdrive 
Strymon El Capistan 
Boss DD-20 
Stereo Wet Reverb 
Boomerang III Looper 
Vox AC15C1 -- SM57 
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe II (made in USA) -- SM57 
Scarlett 2i2 
Ableton Live Lite 
EZ Drummer 2

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