Ambient Music Guitar Soundscape 4 - Post-Rock Boomerang 3 Live Looping

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This was recorded live in one take using the looping/Sound on Sound of the Boomerang III looper pedal.

I used a variation of Open D tuning (DADADF#).

First, I looped a chord progression in the key of D into the Loop 1 patch of the Boomerang 0:01 

Next, I created a drone (using a wah for a filter effect, two delay pedals, and reverb) and overdubbed over Loop 1 of the Boomerang. 01:44

Then, I recorded some swells to Loop 2 of the Boomerang. 03:26

Next, I recorded some slide guitar to Loop 3 of the Boomerang. 07:28

Then, reversed Loop 1 and faded out Loop 2. At this point only Loop 1 and Loop 3 were playing. 9:00

Finally, I faded out Loop 1 and Loop 2.

I created this layered stereo ambient music soundscape using the following equipment:

MIM Fender Strat

Ernie Ball MVP

Strymon El Capistan

Boss DD20

Hardwire RV7 Reverb

Boomerang III Looper

Vox AC15C1

Line 6 Spider II 112

Scarlett 2i2


Ableton Live Lite

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