Strymon Volante Demo [Part 2] - Looper Mode

This is a demo of the Looper (Sound on Sound) Mode of the Strymon Volante.


Strymon Volante Demo [Part 1]

This is a demo of the Volante Magnetic Echo Machine by Strymon. This video shows the drum and tape modes.
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Ambient Guitar Song #13 // Source Audio Nemesis delay and Ventris reverb

Playing a Pocket Piano Synth through the Source Audio Nemesis and Ventris

Ghost Ridge Reverb by Red House Electronics Demo


EHX Oceans 11 Reverb Demo [Part 1]

This is a demo of the Oceans 11 (Eleven) multi-function reverb by Electro-Harmonix. This video shows the first four reverb modes: Hall, Spring, Plate, and Reverse.

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Clean Tone           01:19
Hall Reverb           01:29
Spring Reverb       03:08
Spring Kick           04:13
Plate Reverb         04:20
Reverse Reverb    05:15

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Timeline vs Nemesis (Modes they have in common) :: IN STEREO (use headph...

A comparison of the modes that the Source Audio Nemesis and Strymon Timeline have in common (the modes to compare were chosen based on the mode similarities). This video features minimal knob tweaking, with most settings at less than 50%.
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Timeline Digital vs Nemesis Digital
00:34 Timeline dTape vs Nemesis Tape 01:33 Timeline dTape vs Nemesis Dirty Tape 02:36 Timeline dBucket vs Nemesis Analog 03:51 Timeline Pattern vs Nemesis Rhythmic 04:50 Timeline Reverse vs Nemesis Reverse 05:52 Timeline Ice vs Nemesis Helix/Shifter 06:40 Timeline Swell vs Nemesis Diffuse 07:37 Timeline Filter vs Nemesis Sweeper 08:42 Timeline Lo-FI vs Nemesis Degrade 09:52
Please note that each pedal has much more functionality not displayed in this demo. This demo is meant to be a quick run-through of the basic modes with minimal knob-tweaking.
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